CD Printing – Selecting the Best Printing Method for Your Project

The method of CD printing you choose is ruled by some key elements. These are as follows:

How many CDs do you need revealed?
What is the supposed use of the give up product?
Is the price range tight for the challenge?
What kind of paintings is supposed for the discs? Photographic pix or block colorings?
Once those elements had been considered, you could make a decision about which CD printing manner is most appropriate in your particular project.

Let’s test each of the processes in turn and their execs and cons.

Digital CD Printing

This CD printing approach utilises a printer that employs the equal technique as an inkjet printer that many home users could be acquainted with. In fact, many home printers may be equipped with a CD printing tray to be used with pre-manufactured CDRs with a printable floor. A corporation printing CDs professionally will most probably be the usage of an inkjet printer this is specially for the printing of CDs. These printers have an auto-loading mechanism permitting the unattended printing of as much as 2 hundred CDs. The printer routinely loads unprinted discs and unloads the completed discs onto separate spindles.

Digital CD printing the use of one of these printers is sluggish however there aren’t any fixed installation charges concerned. This is first-class if the order amount of discs is much less than one hundred, or two hundred if there is no fixed, approaching closing date for the order.

This technique of printing is able to generating enormously professional searching CDs as an inkjet printer can print at very high resolutions. The printed floor does need safety even though and a layer of clean lacquer desires to be applied to the discs to save you moisture getting into contact with the ink via handling or exposure to damp environments. This necessity provides appreciably to the overall task time. Printable discs are to be had that have a specially formulated floor that turns into water-resistant after printing but they are extra steeply-priced than ordinary printable discs and so a decision has to be made depending upon the urgency of the undertaking; extra expense for waterproof discs or extra time for the utility of a layer of clean lacquer?

CD Screen Printing

CD Screen printing is ideal for paintings designs that contain solid areas of coloration. Screen printing is completed the usage of a system with a rotating mattress that has five separate stations wherein a distinctive colour of ink may be implemented. The CDs could have a base shade implemented first over the whole disc location this means that that a screen printed CD layout can encompass a complete of 6 exceptional hues most.

The ink used in the CD display printing procedure is UV sensitive and as every color is applied at a station, the disc movements underneath a UV lamp as it rotates round to the following station. The UV lamp remedies the ink and this only requires a second of exposure.

As the process name suggests the display screen printing is implemented via the use of very best mesh monitors. There is a separate display screen for each colour inside the artwork layout. To create a screen, a film is produced which has the areas in which ink is not to be applied to the disc, blacked out. The new screen is first of all lined with a thermal emulsion. The movie and the display screen are aligned on top of every other using manual marks and are positioned into an publicity unit. When the display screen is exposed to a warm, shiny light, the area of thermal emulsion not covered by the dark area at the movie is cured. The display screen is then washed with a water spray and the regions of uncured emulsion wash away to show the mesh.

The display screen is then constant at its station. Once all the displays had been organized in this way, the printing can start. The CDs are loaded onto the device by an automatic robot arm machine. They are located right into a platen which holds the disc firmly in role. At every station, ink is added on pinnacle of the mesh display screen and a rubber squeegee blade passes over the top urgent the mesh down onto the disc surface and forcing the ink through the first-rate mesh holes and onto the floor of the disc. The ink utility stroke takes about a 2nd and every station applies ink to a disc concurrently as soon because the first five discs had been fed into the device. This pace means that a display printing system can print extra than 3500 discs in an hour so huge orders may be finished fast.

There are, but, full-size fixed installation charges due to the requirement for displays and movies. These can be decreased by proscribing the paintings to fewer shades, with a single colour print onto a silver disc being the maximum value effective print. The fixed expenses do suggest that this CD printing system is simplest in reality feasible for orders of over a hundred discs.

The CD display printing manner is capable of generating a without a doubt excellent CD print at a totally high resolution because of the use of extremely satisfactory mesh displays. It isn’t always perfect, though, for printing photographic images due to the presence of subtle shade gradients in these pictures. What makes the display printing process in reality particular is the provision of fluorescent and metallic inks which can absolutely add a WOW thing to your CD print.

Lithographic (Offset) CD Printing

This printing process could be very one of a kind from the display printing manner and the 2 printing machines are installation very otherwise. The lithographic manner takes advantage of the truth that the printing ink and water do no longer blend similar to oil and water.

The paintings picture is applied to a lithographic CD printing plate using a laser. The printing plate floor is difficult in texture and is pre-covered with a thermally reactive emulsion.

The printing plates are treated the use of chemical compounds to enable removal of the uncovered place of the thermal emulsion from the printing plate. Once the printing plate has been organized, the area containing the art work photograph is made ink receptive and water repellent. The regions at the CD printing plate that are not to be published are made to attract water but no longer the ink. The printing plates are then assembled onto a rotating cylinder at the lithographic printer.

As the printing plate goes via each rotation, it passes over a fixed of rollers which observe water to the plate, the water is attracted to the hard floor, in which ink is not to be applied to the disc.

Next the printing plate passes over the rollers as ink is added. The ink is drawn to the smooth areas of the printing plate. A cylinder wrapped in a rubber blanket then rolls over the plate and selections up the ink. The CD art work image is then transferred from the rubber blanket cylinder onto the CD which is securely held in a metal platen. Once once more, this process could be very rapid which many components of the procedure going on simultaneously and plenty of discs being printed in conjunction.

The ink used is UV sensitive as for screen printing so whilst the discs are exposed to a UV light they treatment at once.

Lithographic printing is best for printing photographic pix as it is able to deal with areas of subtle colour gradient thoroughly. It’s not so desirable, but, for large areas of solid colour as there can be an ink insurance discrepancy that could lead to a “print cheap and fast” print at the CD.

As with CD display screen printing, lithographic printing has a fixed setup fee regardless, in this situation, of what number of shades are concerned within the print. It simplest turns into economically viable for print runs of 100 discs or greater and the extra discs are revealed, the decrease the unit cost is going.

CD Printing Artwork Points to Check

It is very essential to provide your provider with as excessive a resolution photograph, as feasible. The higher great the photograph, the higher excellent the give up product might be. Make certain you check that every one pics, specifically photographic photos, are of their unique format. It isn’t always sufficient to transfer a low decision 100dpi photograph right into a record template created at three hundred dpi. The original picture will not print properly and you will be disillusioned with the end result.

Check that darkish photographic snap shots print well by means of running check prints earlier than you commit to the manufacturing run. If the photo is to be screen printed then offering the supplier with a pantone reference code for each of the colours inside the art work will ensure that the print will appear precisely as you assume. If you have already got a printed disc and you’re seeking out a re-run, ask your provider approximately colour matching. Most suppliers will provide this service and it’ll provide you with peace of mind that the stop product will continue to be consistent with previous projects.


To summarise the above information depending upon the supposed quit use to your CDs:

If you most effective need a short run of much less than one hundred discs, virtual printing could be the maximum price effective CD printing method. There is sincerely no compromise with print pleasant however there are not any constant set up prices.
If your photo to be revealed is based on a image then Lithographic printing is the manner to move.
If your photo consists of 1 or more strong coloration areas, then display printing is the CD printing technique to pick for a pin sharp end result. Fluorescent and steel art work also requires display printing.

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